1. 4 Pines Brewing Company - Real ale deserves real tought

    Advertising Agency : Grey, Sydney, Australia

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  2. Link chewing gum


  3. Interactive advertising in #Stockholm underground



  5. Catherine Deneuve in “Mystery”, Chanel Nº5’s commercial, 1977 [x]

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  6. A collection of contributions that made me go “what”

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  7. simply-the-sixties:

    Colleen Corby 

    1964 Chanel Ad

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  8. Pee Red. Brilliant use of a creative printing technique 

    Advertising Agency: M&C Saatchi, London, UK Via

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  9. Awesome Virgin America Flight Safety Video #youwillbuyit #BroadwayUp #SYTYCD

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  10. Community Management made … right? 

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  11. thedailymann:

    Never has olive oil been so… intriguing. 


  12. janine-marold:

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  13. weirdvintage:

    Tiparillo ad, 1968—Should a gentleman offer a Tiparillo to a census taker?
    Since Tiparillo is the slim, elegant cigar with the neat tip, would it be statistically correct to offer it to this census-taking twosome?  Because all they really want is your name, address, phone number and a few other factual facts.  But what they get sort of depends on what you offer.  (via)

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  14. acmeadstudio:

    Marmite: End Marmite Neglect

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  15. mykye:

    Levi’s Ballet Commercial (Korea)

    Modern ballet mixing elements of classical ballet and a dash of bboy. Levi’s meets up with Korea National Ballet and performs a modern ballet on the streets of Seoul for their Stretch to Fit Jeans series available in Korea for Spring 2012. 2012

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